July 25 2014, 3pm


Favorite lotr Scenes [5/9]: I Can’t Carry It For You, But I Can Carry You!

With that, Sam lifted Frodo onto his shoulders and started to climb Mount Doom. His plain hobbit-face grew stern, almost grim, as the will hardened in him.”

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July 25 2014, 3pm

RinRin’s cute little habit (◡‿◡✿) insp.

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July 25 2014, 3pm


does anyone in anime high schools actually learn anything or do they just stare out the window and participate in clubs?

July 23 2014, 10am


when you sat in a weird position for a long time and you move and then your foot feels like this


July 22 2014, 5pm

"My valiant, noble soul. My Alphonse."
"My valiant, noble soul. My Alphonse."

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July 21 2014, 2pm



so my baby nephew just pointed at the wireless router and said “what dat emmie?”

and I said “that’s the internet!” because I didn’t really know how to explain it

and then he kissed it

the child is the chosen one

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